Gas Grill Buyers Guide

How To Buy A Gas Grill

Well – first of all, forget anything you’ve heard about gas
. There are lot of myths out there, and I’d like for you to really
think about what I am about to pass on to you. It will make sense when we are
done, and hopefully you can make a great gas
purchasing decision. First, you need to decide how you like to cook
on a gas grill.
Do you like putting your meat on the grill and walking away until it is done,
or do you like cooking things fast and hot? Do you cook directly over the flame,
or indirectly? Once you have figured out what you want out of a grill, you’re
ready to go shopping. A lot of publications out there say to set your price
point and then shop. That is not the way you should do it. First of all, you
may not have any idea what grills cost these days. Second, you get what you
pay for. As Benjamin Franklin used to say, “The bitterness of poor quality
remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” If you follow
my guide lines, you will make a more educated decision in buying your next gas

Let me walk you through a typical grill purchase. A person goes into a mass
merchant store and looks at a huge grill that has big warming racks, high BTU’s,
and a list of many other impressive features. They are trying to … click
here to read more!

The Grill Store and More

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