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Choices Available For Kitchen Upgrading

Examining the Choices Available For Kitchen Upgrading

Estate Home KitchenMore and more consumers are deciding on upgrades for the kitchen. This is true whether they buying a new house or when they decide it is time to replace the original kitchen fixtures, and appliances. Today new appliances, sinks, faucets, and countertops are getting more upscale as well as providing more function than ever before.

Kitchen cabinetry also provides more opportunities for upgrading your kitchen. By adding cabinet accessories and to your kitchen design layout, you will be able to fully customize and personalize your kitchen to be able to maximize its function and purpose. New handles can change the look of your cabinetry very dramatically. You can add or replace old glass panels with new decorative glass panels. They will really improve the look of your cabinets.

Some popular decorative cabinet upgrades include: furniture toe kicks, decorative glass doors, crown molding, and faux door panels.

Kitchen countertops are perhaps the most expensive design item for your kitchen but it can really make the biggest difference in the look of a kitchen next to the cabinets.

There have been many changes in kitchen countertops in recent years with more options and choices available when it comes to surfaces. These surfaces include solid surface, natural stone, quartz, wood, stainless steel, concrete, laminates and more. Today, there are even more dozen choices when it comes to kitchen surfaces with granite being the most popular. Granite like other natural stones such as marble, limestone, slate, soapstone is very durable. It is also less porous than the other stone surfaces and only requires resealing about once a year.

Soapstone is a natural stone and was used by early New England settlers. Today it is still recognized as a good countertop choice. It is naturally resistant to harsh chemicals and heat, and unlike limestone or marble it does not stain. Also yearly maintenance can be performed with just mineral oil instead of using a sealant.

In addition, most countertop surfaces have several finish choices such as high gloss, honed, flamed and tumbled. The most common type is the high gloss or polished type of surface. Honed and tumbled are both matte finishes, but honed is typically smoother.

Giving your existing kitchen a new paint job. Paint can change the look of any room in the house and the kitchen is certainly no exception.

New window coverings can really brighten up a kitchen. You should select kitchen window coverings that can enhance the look of your kitchen décor and at the same time give your kitchen an inviting and open atmosphere. Some wonderful kitchen window treatments include: curtains, valances, blinds, and shades. One of the most important features that people decide upon when choosing a kitchen window covering is to use either solid colors or vivid patterns.

The type of lighting you select for your kitchen can really make quite a dramatic effect and help brighten any work area in the kitchen.

As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, besides the usual choices of conventional gas and electric burners, smooth top burners are also becoming popular in recent years.

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Advantages of Copper Kitchen Countertops

Copper kitchen countertops can serve as practical work surfaces and have been used for many years with good results. Copper is lovely to look at and a nice complement to most decors, particularly modern contemporary, traditional and country. Besides plain sheet, it is available in many textures and finishes.

Copper kitchen countertops have many advantages. Among these are that you will find copper kitchen countertops are a very sanitary working surface. They come in a variety of textures and finishes. Copper countertops are malleable and easy to work with and install. The copper countertops need to be installed on a solid piece of plywood with adhesives, and copper, brass, or bronze fasteners. Another unique advantage to using copper kitchen countertops is that a copper sink can be seamlessly integrated into the countertop.

They can provide a rustic, yet elegant look for your kitchen. Copper kitchen countertops can compliment other kitchen styles such as traditional, country, and contemporary. As a metal copper kitchen countertops have many attributes such as a unique iridescence, very malleable, is a good antimicrobial surface is left unsealed, and good resistance to rusting. All these attributes make copper a good material for use in the kitchen. Copper kitchen countertops provide a very durable surface and can give any almost any kitchen an elegant and traditional flavor.

All copper countertops have a matte finish. Copper kitchen countertops do have a tendency to change color. Also since copper kitchen countertops are made from a living material the surface is subject to Patina. Copper can be cleaned and polished regularly with specialty cleansers. The type of color change will be influenced by what might come in contact with it. Usually it will turn slightly brown. If it is left unsealed it will be more likely to change colors over time. If it is sealed it should retain a shiny salmon color. It will require periodic resealing and regular polishing to maintain this salmon color.

Because copper is a soft metal it can be susceptible to dents, scratches and slicing. However sealing should reduce these problems. These features can cause the material to take on a rather attractive or distressed look, which many people prefer.

Many homeowners love the warmth copper countertops can add to a kitchen. In addition to countertops copper can be used in backsplashes as well. Many kitchen designers regard copper as a kitchen warm and inviting kitchen surface as opposed to stainless steel that can have a cold and industrial look that not everyone wants. It can be polished to maintain the natural color or lacquered to avoid polishing.

Copper can also be left to patina a Verde finish that oxidation produces to naturally protect the metal. Seamless copper countertops are also a possibility with custom designs.
Some recent developments in copper kitchen countertops that are now include thicker looking copper kitchen countertops. These countertops have a deeper edge appearance.

Some copper countertops are available with a marine no drip top edge creating a more defined look to the matte finished copper countertop and provides a non-spill surface and clip and radius corners.  Copper can also make an excellent backsplash and you will find that stove hoods are also available in copper as well.

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