bathroomplansIf you are like most homeowners you no doubt wish you had a larger and more luxurious bathroom in your home. If coming up with any more square footage is simply impossible than fortunately you can find some design ideas that can at least go a long way to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger and also make it seem less crowded.

Good bathroom remodeling ideas are not just for bigger, luxurious bathrooms that happen to have more generous space and therefore are more able to move around their bathroom fixtures and remodeling plumbing and electrical outlets.
You will find that many homes will likely have small bathrooms and small bathrooms can provide a cozy and intimate feel. Too many time though bathrooms tend not to be looked at as a room or a space where one can spend quality time. The result is that many bathrooms are usually just designed to be comfortable and efficient, and that is usually considered enough.

No matter what particular style you select to decorate your small bath, it will still remain a small bath. However you can by just using the right colors and lighting design, create a posh and cozy bathroom retreat.

The same types of theories involving the principle of space enlargement can be applied to a bathroom as well as to a kitchen or just about any other room in your home. As an example you might want to consider replacing a larger vanity with a more compact and stylish looking pedestal sink.

You should try to eliminate anything that sticks out too much in the bathroom. You can take out any wall shelves, hanging racks, or any decorative accessories on walls that tend to make your bathroom look smaller. Eliminating these items should go a long way to make the bathroom feel larger.

The use of vertical line can help you can create the illusion of height in your bathroom. For example having bathroom tiles that go all the way to the ceiling or the introduction of vertical stripes in a wallpaper pattern can make a small bathroom seem larger. By lining the edge of your ceiling with a border or a cornice, or even a painted tile around the top of the walls can help to create more visual depth. You may also find that by adding some polished tiles and putting up mirrors can also result in the area reflecting itself and creating the illusion of additional square footage for your bathroom.

Keeping your walls a more neutral color or shade (white or beige) can also create an impression of more space. You will find that if you draw the eye upwards, the room will look taller; so you can add a border around the ceiling to help create a more vertical depth.

Lightning plays an important role in creating an illusion of more space in your bathroom. You could combine the mirrors with your lighting fixtures and the color. It is important that the lighting by spaced out correctly. You should have a strip of light bulbs installed above your main mirror.

Another good idea if you have a small bathroom is to replace the bathtub with a more upscale shower design. This could be a glass cubicle with mirrors inside or an angled shower enclosure, what is usually called a quadrant corner shower unit.

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