Locating The Right Ceramic Tile For Use in Your Kitchen Backsplash

Are you preparing a kitchen cupboard and counter redesign in your home? If so, creating the appropriate backsplash can be a significant aspect of your final design. After all, backsplash kitchen tile doesn’t just serve as an important design element, it also gives an additional part of safety for the walls behind your sink, your cook-top and various active kitchen areas

In order to attain the finest volume of safety whilst also making the perfect look, it is often a great idea to involve ceramic tile in your cooking area cupboard and counter style. In truth, there are a lot of advantages to using ceramic backsplash tile. These involve…

  • Durability
  • Availability of a vast variety of colors, designs and textures
  • ease of cleaning

Once it will come lower to it, you must have no issue discovering the perfect ceramic tile to fit inside of your total cooking area cupboard and counter design. No matter if you want your backsplash cooking area  tile to mix in with the relaxation of the wall, to serve as an accent piece, or even to be the key attraction of your kitchen area, the extensive variety of measurements and styles can make it a cinch for you to attain your ultimate goal.

 In order to get pleasure from all of the positive aspects of utilizing ceramic as your backsplash kitchen tile, nonetheless, you need to hold a few points in mind.

For example, whilst you may truly take pleasure in the glance and sense of a porous or unglazed tile layout, that truly isn’t the very best alternative for a backsplash. Remember, you will probably need to clean the  tile on a normal basis. Therefore, you don’t need to pick a tile which can be tough to clear. This is specifically accurate when it will come to the tile which you could put at the rear of your cook-top, as food and grease could on a regular basis splash against the tile. If you use porous backsplash kitchen backsplash tile, it won’t be long earlier than it turns into permanently discolored or discolored.

 To keep away from experiencing complications with your backsplash kitchen tile, you could include glazed easy-to-clean ceramic tile in your kitchen cabinet and resist style. Be sure to visit many diverse shops in order to get a great notion of the various designs, hues and variations of floor tile which is available. Therefore, you can be certain to choose the tile that is most appropriate for the color, style and sample of cabinet and counter you are planning to install in your kitchen.

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Basic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

bathroomonlineAre You Thinking “I Would Like To Design My Own Bathroom?”


Here Are Some Basic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Get Started

And Get Professional Results Every Time!


If you are like many homeowners, you might be thinking, “I want to design my own bathroom.” After all, when you design your own bathroom, you can be sure it has everything that you want your bathroom to have without using up valuable space on elements that really are not needed.

If you have never designed your own bathroom, you may not be sure how to get the process under way. This is why it is a good idea for you to begin using a variety of resources to help you get some great bathroom remodeling ideas.

Fortunately, today’s technology makes it possible for you to explore bathroom remodeling ideas from a several different resources quickly and easily. These include:

  • Researching on the Internet
  • Reading self-help books
  • Hiring an expert
  • Using “Design My Own Bathroom” software

One of the great aspects of using “Design My Own Bathroom” software is that it allows you to visualize the various bathroom remodeling ideas that you might have. By “seeing” what the bathroom will look like through the magic of computer software, you can better determine if your ideas will actually live up to your expectations. You can also look into various styles of bathroom décor, including retro styling, classical styling, and even the spa bathroom style.

Regardless of the style of bathroom you choose to create, there are several basic decorating elements you will need to include in your bathroom remodeling ideas. These include:

  • Effective use of mirrors
    Not only are mirrors useful within the bathroom, they are also an essential decorating element. Make sure the size of the mirror suits the size of the bathroom — and place the mirror in the area where it will be the most useful.
  • Storage
    Every bathroom needs plenty of storage space. If you have a small bathroom, consider installing wall cabinets in order to free up floor space.
  • Lighting
    Natural lighting or artificial lighting that mimics natural lighting is always best, as it makes grooming easier and more accurate — and also makes for a more pleasant environment.

Of course, you will also need to think about your bathroom appliances as you explore bathroom remodeling ideas. Depending upon just how much space you have available, you may want to install only a shower — or you may want to install a separate shower and tub. Also, you may need to install a space-saving pedestal sink if you have a smaller bathroom, or you might install a long counter with double sinks if the space allows.

Be sure to explore all of your possibilities in order to come up with a design and room accoutrements that are right for you.

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Kitchen Designs for the Two Cook Kitchen

twocookkitchendesignby James Mahoney

Authors Note:  Because most builders, architects and also kitchen area style professionals are not actually cooks themselves, quite a few kitchen styles malfunction to layout kitchens for 2 cooks.

The kitchen is not only a gathering place but it is a arrange in that it is very likely which there will be more than 1 particular person targeting (2 cooks, mom and/or dad, etc.). Good cooking area design need to enable more versatility in cooking area style and for kitchens to be capable to facilitate to the needs of their users.

Planning a two-cook kitchen area is a requirement if you possess two cooks who love to prepare dinner with each other nonetheless these folks may have very unique ways of cooking. If you’re making a new kitchen, or reworking existing one, the National Kitchen & Bathtub Association suggests that you take into thing to consider your must and to look at how quite a few cooks use your cooking area and afterwards to look at developing your cooking area to comfort cooks with distinct designs and various needs.

 If the two cooks in your kitchen tend to work at the same time, you may locate getting a two-cook cooking area can generate pam cooking an entire lot easier. Having a two-cook kitchen style means making extra area for withstand function. You will additionally need to possess independent storage space spaces for each and every cook to minimize the variety of journeys to and from the cabinets to the work center. You must additionally strategy on possessing further room for walkway clearances. It suggests making it possible for for 48 to 54 inches of room for the two cooks to cross each other.

Kitchen countertop space should be increased to accommodate the needs of both cooks, making easier the accessibility of the kitchen equipment that will be shared by each cook. There should be a special work center designed to the particular meet the needs of the cooks:

Kitchen area countertop area ought to be increased to accommodate the needs of both cooks, building much easier the accessibility of the kitchen area equipment that can be shared by each cook in preparing every meal. There should be a special work center designed to the specific situation with the needs of the cooks: a preparing  a grilling area that would be independent from the major work triangle. The countertop heights should be diverse to accommodate the needs of the current cooks, such as, placing in elevated counters for taller cooks and reduce counters for shorter cooks.

It is essential if you have a two- cook household that youl ook at patterns of meal preparation. Since no two cooks prepare meals in exactly the same way, therefore no two people cook together the same way. For example in some households the wife may be more into baking, so she would mainly be using the oven. Her area of the kitchen would need to have a mixer, access to all the ingredients she needs, a second sink, and a garbage disposal.

Let us say the husband is more the cook in the home. He would need to be closer to the range top and stove, as well as the refrigerator. If the kitchen has a rather long rectangle, it would be necessary to design a rather untraditional island for the kitchen. Perhaps an island that would start out narrow at one end and widen at the other end to give more room for seating. Also the more counter space that each one has the better. It is a good idea to have different areas of the counter designated for specific duties.

Kitchen island and peninsulas can may great work surfaces, especially if they are adequately deep (about 36 inches). If the counter is deep enough then it is possible for two people to be able to work across from each other at the same time.

For two-cook kitchens, a work triangle should be placed for each cook. It may be possible for one leg of the primary and secondary triangles to be may shared, but the two should not cross one another. Appliances may be shared or separate. In an open kitchen design, the stove can be accessible from all sides so that the two cooks will be able to cook together. This open design will allow for contact with guests or the rest of the family.

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Choices Available For Kitchen Upgrading

Examining the Choices Available For Kitchen Upgrading

Estate Home KitchenMore and more consumers are deciding on upgrades for the kitchen. This is true whether they buying a new house or when they decide it is time to replace the original kitchen fixtures, and appliances. Today new appliances, sinks, faucets, and countertops are getting more upscale as well as providing more function than ever before.

Kitchen cabinetry also provides more opportunities for upgrading your kitchen. By adding cabinet accessories and to your kitchen design layout, you will be able to fully customize and personalize your kitchen to be able to maximize its function and purpose. New handles can change the look of your cabinetry very dramatically. You can add or replace old glass panels with new decorative glass panels. They will really improve the look of your cabinets.

Some popular decorative cabinet upgrades include: furniture toe kicks, decorative glass doors, crown molding, and faux door panels.

Kitchen countertops are perhaps the most expensive design item for your kitchen but it can really make the biggest difference in the look of a kitchen next to the cabinets.

There have been many changes in kitchen countertops in recent years with more options and choices available when it comes to surfaces. These surfaces include solid surface, natural stone, quartz, wood, stainless steel, concrete, laminates and more. Today, there are even more dozen choices when it comes to kitchen surfaces with granite being the most popular. Granite like other natural stones such as marble, limestone, slate, soapstone is very durable. It is also less porous than the other stone surfaces and only requires resealing about once a year.

Soapstone is a natural stone and was used by early New England settlers. Today it is still recognized as a good countertop choice. It is naturally resistant to harsh chemicals and heat, and unlike limestone or marble it does not stain. Also yearly maintenance can be performed with just mineral oil instead of using a sealant.

In addition, most countertop surfaces have several finish choices such as high gloss, honed, flamed and tumbled. The most common type is the high gloss or polished type of surface. Honed and tumbled are both matte finishes, but honed is typically smoother.

Giving your existing kitchen a new paint job. Paint can change the look of any room in the house and the kitchen is certainly no exception.

New window coverings can really brighten up a kitchen. You should select kitchen window coverings that can enhance the look of your kitchen décor and at the same time give your kitchen an inviting and open atmosphere. Some wonderful kitchen window treatments include: curtains, valances, blinds, and shades. One of the most important features that people decide upon when choosing a kitchen window covering is to use either solid colors or vivid patterns.

The type of lighting you select for your kitchen can really make quite a dramatic effect and help brighten any work area in the kitchen.

As far as kitchen appliances are concerned, besides the usual choices of conventional gas and electric burners, smooth top burners are also becoming popular in recent years.

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Some Thoughts on Some Kitchen Design Trends

kitchenplansKitchens are no longer seen as just a room in the back of the house used for food preparation. Designers today are creating more family-friendly kitchen floor plans. Kitchens are becoming more become integrated with the living room, dining room, or family room; creating the great room.

Kitchen cabinets show increasing creativity with new woods and finishes. Painted finishes are gaining acceptance. Also there is the trend toward kitchen cabinets having a more freestanding furniture appearance.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite remains as popular as ever, although engineered stone countertops provide more color choices than that offered by natural stone surfaces. Solid surface countertops provide seamless acrylic faces. Solid surfaces also come many colors, patterns, and styles, and are stain and heat resistant. Laminate countertops are more affordable but not built to last. Concrete countertops are starting to gain in popularity and are known for versatility, and strength. Wood countertops are long lasting and easy to clean and repair but the wood will not withstand exposure to water and household chemicals. Stainless steel countertops lack the elegance of granite or tile. These countertops do not absorb stains, but tends to scratch easily.

Kitchen islands are getting a lot bigger and wider. Some larger kitchens even have two islands. One island being used for food preparation and the other island for buffets and breakfast service. As with cabinets, islands often have the look of freestanding furniture rather than matching cabinetry.

Under-countertop appliances are popular — look for refrigerator drawers, dual dishwashers, warming ovens, and the like.

Hardwood kitchen flooring can provide elegance, beauty and style for your kitchen. There is something truly unique and beautiful about hardwood kitchen flooring. Because of improvements in construction methods there is now a larger range of colors, finish, cuts, styles and installation.

Bamboo kitchen flooring is rapidly becoming the hottest trend in kitchen design today. Because of the rising cost of hardwood and the problems of deforestation bamboo is being seen as a good alternative to hardwood.

The kitchen pantry is making a comeback. This is because so many households are purchasing their groceries in bulk and they often find that they simply do not have enough space. Many typical kitchens do not have enough room for storing these bulk items. Many people when planning a kitchen remodeling tend to overlook the problem of storage.

Many of the pantries being designed now use custom cabinetry every bit as beautiful and creative as those you would find in the kitchens themselves, including details such as solid-wood cabinetry and sleek state-of-the-art hardware

Besides kitchen pantries other storage solutions have been created to fill a need for more imaginative kitchen storage solutions

There has been a recent change in kitchen storage systems and units that has resulted in the development of high-performance storage that can make it easier to having it all within easy reach. Kitchen storage units are available in a large variety of styles and materials. You can find organizational systems that can be used with your existing cabinetry. These kitchen storage systems can be retrofitted into cabinets.

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Can Kitchen Design Software Help You Come Up With a Kitchen Design Plan?


With specialized kitchen design online software or software that you download and install on your computer, you can make the design process easier.

When you utilize the power of kitchen design software to complete your kitchen design idea you will enjoy benefits such as….

  • Laying out cabinet patterns
  • Experimenting with different color schemes
  • Determining where to place appliances and lighting
  • Deciding how to implement your floor design

Although you might have a great idea for your kitchen design, being able to actually visualize it with kitchen design software makes it easier to gauge if the plan will really work when finished.

When looking for kitchen design online software, be sure to look for software that is easy to use and will achieve your desired objectives.

If the kitchen design online software works directly on the Internet, compatibility with your computer may not be a big issue. If you plan to download the kitchen design idea software from the Internet for installation on your computer however, you need to make sure the software and your computer are compatible. Always review the software’s system requirements before downloading any software.


Do You Need To Define A Compact Bathroom Design?

Keep These Bathroom Decorating Tips In Mind When Creating Your Plans

Do you have a small bathroom that you want to make appear larger? If so, you might want to consider implementing a few simple bathroom decorating tips that are guaranteed to help make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.

When working on a compact bathroom design, there are a few decorating elements that you should keep in mind in order to help make the space look larger. These include…

• Find ways to let in more natural light
• Add additional lighting fixtures
• Paint with lighter colors
• Include plenty of mirrors
• Find ways to keep clutter to a minimum
• Choose fixtures that are properly scaled to the bathroom size

By keeping these bathroom decorating tips in mind while remodeling your bathroom, you can fool the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is.

By letting in plenty of light and by decorating the bathroom in lighter colors, the light will be reflected and create a look of spaciousness. Similarly, when you include mirrors in your compact bathroom design, the reflection made by the mirrors will create an illusion of depth, making the bathroom seem much larger.

Keeping clutter to a minimum is another important element in a compact bathroom design. No matter how large a room is, having too much clutter takes away from the openness of the room and makes it seem too small for the items that are inside of it. This is particularly true when it comes to decorating a small space, which will tend to seem cramped anyway. Look for items that can serve a dual purpose in order to get the most out of your space — while also keeping knick-knacks and other unnecessary items to a minimum.

Finally, choosing fixtures that are properly scaled to your bathroom is essential when creating a compact bathroom design. Obviously, choosing an oversized bathtub will look out of place in a smaller bathroom, while also taking up too much space. In a smaller bathroom, it is best to stick with a smaller tub. Or, you might consider installing only a shower unit if space is really tight. Whether you go with a tub or only a shower, selecting a corner unit will use more of your available space while also creating visual interest in the room. Similarly, a pedestal sink can help create a more “open” look in the bathroom.

With a smaller bathroom, the proper design elements can help open up the space and make it appear larger than it really is — or at least less cramped.

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What You Should Know About Kitchen Faucets


With kitchen faucets you will find that there are hundreds of options available. Today there are so many styles based on functionality, color and material. You may want a traditional standard kitchen faucet or you might want to consider a kitchen faucet that features a high sink clearance offering good spout heights for filling up pots, tall vases and pitchers, as well as extended reach, thereby creating easier access to the sink.

Perhaps the best way to choose a kitchen faucet is to consider the quality of the product and its practicality. Also by how the kitchen faucet will fill the décor and layout of your kitchen. After all a kitchen faucet should not only be functional, but attractive as well.

Kitchen faucets that are made with high quality material such as solid brass can provide a superior look, performance, and durability. While this can cost more, you will find that with a quality kitchen faucet, you will get more value for your money with more trouble-free service.

You can find a good selection of kitchen faucets and sinksat a state-of-the-art online resource for home renovation and design needs.

With today’s kitchen faucets there are countless options. At one time the lowly kitchen faucet was just a way to get water into the sink. But today there are a large number of styles available to the consumer that are based on functionality, color and material from brass, to stainless steel.

But when considering a type of faucet you also need to consider if it is easy to get parts or to repair and replace parts. Warranties on kitchen faucets vary. The best ones offer lifetime protection against leaks and drips, insuring that your faucet will provide years of trouble-free service.

Most kitchen faucet models will fit all kitchen sinks, however there are some exceptions. So it is a good idea to check sizes first. For instance, you will want to verify if the spout length is not too long to prevent the spout from hitting inside the sink basin. Some people choose goose-neck faucets because they provide a high sink clearance for filling pots.

The most popular brands of kitchen faucets are Delta, Moen, and Kohler.

There are basically two groups of kitchen faucets. They are wall mounted or sink mounted. While wall mounted kitchen faucets were common, today most kitchen faucets are mounted into the top of sinks.

The best way to choose a kitchen faucet is by the quality of the product and its practicality and durability, as well as how if fits into the new décor and layout of the kitchen.

With most faucets being turned on and off hundreds of times a day, and for many years, it is necessary to select one that not only looks great, but also provide durable service.

You can find a good selection of kitchen faucets and a state-of-the-art online resource for home renovation and design needs by looking online. There you can see an extensive selection of some of the finest in kitchen faucets and fixtures for your home.

There are generally two types of kitchen faucets in use today. Single-handle faucets are centersets where hot and cold are controlled by one lever or knob that’s often part of the spout. The most common type of kitchen faucet is the widespread kitchen faucet. This type of faucet requires three separate holes and consists of the hot-water valve, the cold-water valve and the spout all being mounted separately.

In selecting a kitchen faucet you will want to consider the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks usually come with from one to four or more holes to accommodate various types of kitchen faucets. If you are considering changing a faucet on an existing sink, it is better to select a faucet to fits the sink’s current hole configuration. If you want to change from a three-hole type faucet to a single-hole one you will be left with open holes that will need to be filled. On the other hand if you try to knock out additional holes to change from a single-mount to a three-hole type faucet you run the risk of damaging an existing sink. Therefore you will find it much easier to also install a new kitchen sink and faucet together because you can choose any kind of kitchen faucet and sink that is compatible.

If you do decide to go with a new kitchen sink there is also an online state-of-the-art resource for home renovation and design needs as well. There you can see an extensive selection of some of the finest in and fixtures for your home.

While you are at it, you might also consider installing the new kitchen faucet on your new sink and then install the faucet and sink combination into the new countertop at the same time. This way you will not have to work in such a tight place under the sink as you would have to when attaching a new faucet.

Today there are more choices than ever before when it comes to faucet finishes. Brushed nickel is moving up in popularity, at least according to Moen. It is now second only to chrome in popularity. Other finishes such as oil rubbed bronze are also becoming more popular with consumers.

The finishes available on the market provide both performance and durability. Most any color or texture for your kitchen faucet finish is available today. The most affordable material is chrome. PVD finishes, stainless and antique looks are generally more expensive.

Stainless steel remains the choice of kitchen faucets with most homeowners because it is easy to care for. A finish like brass will require a lot of time for cleaning.

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Bathroom Design Ideas to Make Small Bathrooms Look Larger

bathroomplansIf you are like most homeowners you no doubt wish you had a larger and more luxurious bathroom in your home. If coming up with any more square footage is simply impossible than fortunately you can find some design ideas that can at least go a long way to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger and also make it seem less crowded.

Good bathroom remodeling ideas are not just for bigger, luxurious bathrooms that happen to have more generous space and therefore are more able to move around their bathroom fixtures and remodeling plumbing and electrical outlets.
You will find that many homes will likely have small bathrooms and small bathrooms can provide a cozy and intimate feel. Too many time though bathrooms tend not to be looked at as a room or a space where one can spend quality time. The result is that many bathrooms are usually just designed to be comfortable and efficient, and that is usually considered enough.

No matter what particular style you select to decorate your small bath, it will still remain a small bath. However you can by just using the right colors and lighting design, create a posh and cozy bathroom retreat.

The same types of theories involving the principle of space enlargement can be applied to a bathroom as well as to a kitchen or just about any other room in your home. As an example you might want to consider replacing a larger vanity with a more compact and stylish looking pedestal sink.

You should try to eliminate anything that sticks out too much in the bathroom. You can take out any wall shelves, hanging racks, or any decorative accessories on walls that tend to make your bathroom look smaller. Eliminating these items should go a long way to make the bathroom feel larger.

The use of vertical line can help you can create the illusion of height in your bathroom. For example having bathroom tiles that go all the way to the ceiling or the introduction of vertical stripes in a wallpaper pattern can make a small bathroom seem larger. By lining the edge of your ceiling with a border or a cornice, or even a painted tile around the top of the walls can help to create more visual depth. You may also find that by adding some polished tiles and putting up mirrors can also result in the area reflecting itself and creating the illusion of additional square footage for your bathroom.

Keeping your walls a more neutral color or shade (white or beige) can also create an impression of more space. You will find that if you draw the eye upwards, the room will look taller; so you can add a border around the ceiling to help create a more vertical depth.

Lightning plays an important role in creating an illusion of more space in your bathroom. You could combine the mirrors with your lighting fixtures and the color. It is important that the lighting by spaced out correctly. You should have a strip of light bulbs installed above your main mirror.

Another good idea if you have a small bathroom is to replace the bathtub with a more upscale shower design. This could be a glass cubicle with mirrors inside or an angled shower enclosure, what is usually called a quadrant corner shower unit.

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The Proper Butlers Pantry – an Example of Reaching into the Past

butlerspantryButler’s pantries date back to the Victorian era during the time of stately old homes that had hired help such as butlers and maids to serve meals were commonplace. Many homeowners who had purchased these old homes decided not to preserve the traditional butler’s pantriesin these home during remodeling because they wanted to expand the kitchen or provide more space for other rooms of the house.

The butler’s pantry may be making a comeback because kitchen designers now see the value of them in keeping the original architecture of the home. The butler’s pantry is also becoming popular because they are great a keeping any dirty dishes out the way while entertaining. Plus they have cupboards and cabinets for holding silverware, linens and china.

All of this is contributing to a trend today by many homeowners and kitchen designers to preserve the butler’s pantries in older homes. Plus in many new kitchens there is a growing trend in introducing custom designed butler’ pantries.

In many older butler’s pantries designers have updated them to include a second sink for any items that need to hand washed, and can even be equipped with a coffee station, a small under-counter refrigerator, garbage disposal, ice maker, and places for storage. Additional items can include pull out racks for small appliance, inserts in the drawers for flatware, and even a small climate controlled wine vault.

Today the butler’s pantry can be place in entertain guests. A butler’s pantry best serve those households that entertain frequently, or who tend to serve formal meals with several courses.

Most butler’s pantries are designed to be walk-through areas, and historically they would serve as a passageway that is located between the kitchen and the dining room. This makes for convenient access to glassware and silverware and to provide an area for appetizers, drinks, or dessert. This is because most butler’s pantries are equipped with shelves, linen drawers, wine coolers or wine vaults, and food warming trays.

Most walk-through butler’s pantries are at measure at least 6 feet by 8 feet. Usually the same cabinetry design is used in both the kitchen and the butler’s pantry to maintain a continuity of design between these two rooms.

Just as with many custom kitchens a butler’s pantry can combine hardwood cabinets, shelving and the drawer units can be designed in such a way as to create a more custom look. A butler’s pantry can also include such custom features as decorative glass-front walnut cabinets with elegant crown moldings, dentil moldings, and decorative cutouts in the wood. This helps create in the cabinetry the look of fine furniture. All of these design features can create a warm inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests and as a showcase for all of your best kitchen accessories.

Butler’s pantries can also be U-shaped and be accessible from only the kitchen. However as in any butler’s pantry they will still be equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and serve as storage.

So butler’s pantries are an example of reaching into the past to come up with a new kitchen design trend.